Access DEXON Network

There are a few options on how to access DEXON networks. The first is to use the public DEXON RPC endpoint, the second one is to run a fullnode and sync the fullnode locally.

Public RPC Endpoints

The public RPC endpoints are available at:

NetworkRESTfulWebSocketChain ID
Taipei Testnethttps://taipei-rpc.dexon.orgwss://

Point your DEXON/Ethereum client to this RPC endpoint and you should be able to read from and send transactions to DEXON networks.

Syncing Fullnode

The testnet could be synchronized with the following command:

gdex --testnet

If you don't know how to build the gdex binary, please follow the wiki page here.

It may take a few hours before your fullnode is fully-synchronised. When it does, you can now point your DEXON/Ethereum client to http://localhost:8545

Note: DEXON's current testnet is still unstable, it might be reset at some point. If it does, you might have to remove the data directory ($HOME/.dexon on Linux, and $HOME/Library/Dexon on MacOS) and re-sync the node.