Create Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is a store to keep private keys when interacting with blockchains. DEXON foundation provides a chrome extension as wallet for you.


There is still no best practice in protecting private keys when holding/using cryptocurrency. What we provide is simply the most convenient way, use it at your own risk.

Wallet Secrets

There are three types of secrets when using a DEXON wallet.


A password is required when accessing secrets through the wallet, ex.

  • export the private key of one account.
  • reveal seed phrases.

Seed Phrases

The seed phrases composed of 12 or 24 words is used to generate private keys for newly created accounts. Since all private keys generated from one set of seed phrases are identical, it can be used to migrate your account from one computer to another.


An account in DEXON Wallet is actually a private key, which can be used to interact with DEXON blockchain.


If your computer gets hacked, the hacker might stole your account or seed phrases, and transfer your digital assets to somewhere else.

Or you may lose your secrets for some reason. If that happened, no one but GOD can access those digital assets.

Install DEXON Wallet

Please go to this link and follow instructions to install DEXON Wallet. If the wallet is freshly installed (not from restoration), you will get 12 seed words, please keep them secretly and safely.

Create New Accounts

When DEXON wallet successfully installed, a default account would be created and ready to use. If you need more accounts, it can be done via DEXON Wallet:

  • click the blockie image on the top-right corner.
  • click Create Account element.
  • click Create Button or give this account a name.

Restore from seed words

The accounts created on one wallet can be migrated to another computer via seed words.

  • install DEXON Wallet. Instead of creating it freshly, choose Import with seed phrase
  • type in those seed phrases you keep secretly before. NOTE: the order of words does matter.
  • setup new password.
  • restore those accounts by creating them again.