Exchange Integration Guide

This guide provides all the necessary details for integrating DEXON with your exchange.


DEXON TX signature algorithm is exactly the same as Ethereum (secp256k1), you can use existing Ethereum wallet with DEXON.


DEXON RPC is compatible with Ethereum. In theory, you can use existing Ethereum module with DEXON by replacing the RPC endpoint:

NetworkRESTfulWebSocketChain ID
Taipei Testnethttps://taipei-rpc.dexon.orgwss://

Since DEXON produce around 1 block per second, it may incur a heavier load on your database infrastructure. Make sure you have enough DB instance to handle the load.

Starting a RPC Node

Refer to Running a RPC node for instructions to launch a RPC node by yourself.

Deposit Confirmation

DEXON consensus algorithm has explicit finality, meaning you only need to wait for 1 block confirmation to credit the deposit. If you really want to make sure, you can wait for 2 confirmations to be sure.


Explorer link is as follows:

Taipei Testnet