Tools and Libraries

Here's a list of tools and libraries for developing DApps on DEXON blockchain platform.

Blockchain Explorer

    Official blockchain explorer and web wallet for DEXON. You can also check network status and interact with smart contracts in DEXONSCAN.

Development Tools

  • DEXON Remix
    Web-based IDE for developing, compiling, deploying and testing smart contracts.

  • DEXON Truffle
    Toolkit for developing Solidity smart contracts on DEXON, including compiler, contract deployer, test suite and a lot more.

  • DEXON Ganache
    JavaScript mock of DEXON blockchain, for developing and testing smart contracts without actually connecting to a blockchain.

  • sol-tools
    Toolkit for compiling, testing and profiling smart contracts.

  • dsolidity
    Solidity compiler written in C++, supporting additional DEXON-specific opcodes like on-chain random oracle.

  • dsolc-js
    JavaScript bindings for DEXON's dsolidity compiler.


  • web3.js
    JavaScript library for accessing DEXON network from browser and Node.js.

  • Mobile SDK
    Native mobile library for accessing DEXON network from iOS or Android apps.