Official blockchain explorer and web wallet for DEXON. You can also check network status and interact with smart contracts in DEXONSCAN.


Go directly to DEXONSCAN websites and start exploring DEXON networks.


View Network Status

DEXONSCAN provides a comprehensive chart and a series of stats for you to get a grasp of the current network status easily.

View Governance Status

You can check the network governance status on DEXONSCAN, including network configurations like block time, minimum staking amount, round length and currently active block producing nodes.

View Blocks, Addresses and Transactions

Just like every other blockchain explorers, you can check the details of blocks, addresses and transactions on DEXONSCAN.


DEXONSCAN provides wallet UI, with connectability to Chrome/Firefox wallet extension, Ledger and TREZOR. You can manage your assets on DEXON easily and securely with DEXONSCAN.

Smart Contract Interactions

Smart contract developers can verify their contract source code on DEXONSCAN. Once it's verified, users can see the contract source code and interact with it on DEXONSCAN UI.