DEXON is a permissionless, proof-of-stake blockchain system that features high throughput and low latency. Current mainnnet is able to reach 10K TPS, and maintain ~ 1 second confirmation latency.

This documentation shows your way around DEXON, the next generation blockchain platform.

Accessing DEXON Network

To create a DEXON wallet and start using DEXON blockchain platform, follow wallet creation guide.

DApp Development

  • To learn abour DApp (decentralized apps) development and build DApps on DEXON, follow DApp development guide.
  • If you have already developed DApps on Ethereum and is planning to move your existing DApp onto DEXON, check out DApp Development Guide.

Node Operation

Fullnode Development

You can contribute to the development of DEXON itself! Get started with DEXON Fullnode Development Guide.

Technical Documentations

To learn more about how DEXON works, check out our technical documenations